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    Ottawa River, ON - Kenny Creole

My Watermark is the Ottawa River in Pembroke, Ontario.

I don't ever write it out like this, but it’s Pembroke. I adore the river. I want to feel connected to the river; I spend a lot of time there. It's very peaceful and there's not a lot of pollutants, which is awesome. You know it's amazing we have (in Ottawa) White Mooney's Bay, Peachtree, Britannia Beach, and that Westport Beach, which gets closed down at times but is still a great spot. Freshwater is super important and the river where I go out to by Pembroke is really nice and very fresh.

My favourite thing, I just like to chill on the boat. I just sit on the boat. You know, I have a couple drinks on the boat and attempt to water ski – I eat water every single time because I can't even stay up for three seconds. It's terrible. All the time, one leg goes one way and the other leg goes a different way. And after that it’s a wrap – it’s over – for waterskiing. But I love the fact that you know it's so crazy.

It’s interesting that you can actually look at a report before it’s safe to go into the water. Water is supposed to be pure and fresh, and you should be able to just drink it. We take it super for granted. I think people need to be a bit more conscientious about it, and until it affects them, they don't really know. I know I've caught myself a few times where I want to brush my teeth and I have the water running. I'm like “what am I doing?”.

Ottawa River, ON

Plage Brittannia Beach, ON


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Kenny Creole

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Dana Jackson

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