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St. Lawrence River, ON

Jeff Ridal

So the waterbody that I am most closely affiliated with is the St. Lawrence River. Particularly that area between Kingston and Cornwall, ON.

So my Watermark story goes back to probably my first connections with the St. Lawrence River as a kid, I was born in Kingston. I remember going to the beaches there, and connecting with the river. Later on after we moved to Cornwall where I had some family and an uncle that would take me fishing. We had some great fishing time but I’ll always remember the fishing boat and looking out on the water and reaching over and just feeling the wake and the wash of the boat going across my fingers, looking across the St. Lawrence and that parts called Lake St. Francis. Just thinking about beautiful it was and how I felt this was home, so that’s how I connected and I always carried those memories with me.

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St. Lawrence River, ON


St. Lawrence River

Collected by

Jessica Gordon

Contributed by

Jeff Ridal

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