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St. Marys River, ON

Ben G

My Watermark is the St. Marys River, Ontario.

When I was young at St. Marys River, I hung on the handles of the speeding tube for dear life. It skidded across the rapid water of the lake occasionally throwing me off. I was being pulled by the boat bouncing up and down the wake.

At St. Marys River, I went wake boarding and kayaking and cliff jumping, I stood there at the top of the cliff at the very edge, contemplating whether I had the guts to jump off and plummet down into the water. Finally, when I would jump it felt like an eternity of being airborne.

We would take a ride in the neighbor's speed boat and do what was called “G Force”. We would whip around in tight circles at fast speeds sending each other flying at one and another and all squished against the seats. Creating beautiful ripples that would be sent across the lake slowly getting smaller and smaller until finally vanishing.

In the darkness, we had huge campfires by the lake. When I was young at St. Marys River, we would always finish off the day with cooking marshmallows and hotdogs and s'mores. I always loved the crackling sound and smoky smell the campfire gave off but most of all I loved the way it lit up the nearby water in the lake giving it a beautiful orange tinge.

Current Weather

10° degrees celsius.
Possible light rain in the morning and afternoon.


St. Marys River, ON

Collected by

Angela Efstratudakis

Contributed by

Ben G

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