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    Thames River, ON - Ken Bechard

My Watermark is the Thames River, ON

On a cool day, on April 4th, the Chatham scout troop ventured out on an urban canoe trip that started in the backyard of my home in the far south end on Chatham. The creeks brought us along the backyards of many subdivisions and into Maple City Cemetery. As we paddled along we eventually spilled into the Thames river and we then paddled all the way into Downtown Chatham for a really cool urban experience under the Rail bridge, 3rd and 5th street bridges. We then cut back to use the Lower Thames Valley Docks to finish our trip. It was a very enlightening experience to follow the water through the city as it flows from tributary to creek to river.

Thames River, ON

Chatham-Kent, ON


Contributed By
Ken Bechard

Collected By
John Lawrence

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