Thames River, ON

Watermark by Penny Stewart
Collected by Miriam Ahmed
My name is Penny Stewart and I’m from just outside Gananoque, Ontario.

I think the waterbody that comes to mind is a little tributary to the Thames river in south western Ontario just outside a little town called Innerkip.

My memory is taking the dog from my grandparents farm and walking down to the bridge, which would maybe be a quarter mile, with my fishing pole and going fishing off what we knew as Turtle Rock. (It was) this big flat rock where you could catch little perch and stuff and the dog coming with me. It was one of those old bridges and it was just a winding meandering piece of creek. It was just the fond memory of being there and close to nature and just enjoying the aesthetics and knowing it was a spot where my mom swam as a kid. It wasn’t swimmable by 60’s which was when I was there. It was just very interesting and it was place that I think put you in touch with nature which has been a passion in my life.
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It's my passion its what I do for work it's what I like to do in my personal time is enjoy the outdoors and the bountiful resources we are so lucky to have here in Ontario.

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