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Toronto Harbour, ON

Landon Gardner

My Toronto harbour watermark is the first time I ever sailed in the Toronto harbour. I grew up sailing since I was the age of 10 at the Boulevard Club. When I was young when I was 15 years old, I moved to the Royal Canadian Yacht Club on the Toronto Islands. And I remember I wasn’t very good, particularly compared to all the other kids who grew up at the RCYC that were really quite good at sailing. I remember being out in the boat and I couldn’t really sail it and I was faking it, you know fake it until you make it, and I remember my coach noticed I was really bad at sailing. And so we were trying to go around the marks and it was pretty windy and there was the CN Tower and the harbour and the Toronto skyline and the background was really gorgeous and I remember she was like well, why don’t we just pretend that something is wrong with your boat? And she brought me aside and was like, ok Landon is having some problems, his lines aren’t working, his blocks aren’t working and thats why he’s having a really bad day. And she threw in a few extra excuses like, your boat’s broken as well in terms of the hull structure. And so my Toronto Harbour watermark was my first day sailing in the Toronto harbour where I basically couldn’t sail very well but I had an amazing coach who gave me all sorts of excuses so I didn’t lose face on my first day at the RCYC.

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Toronto Harbour, ON


Lake Ontario

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Claire Lawson

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Landon Gardner

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