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From well-preserved shipwrecks and artifacts from life long ago, to hundreds of fish and other aquatic life, snorkelling is one of the most unique ways to experience the Great Lakes.

There are thousands of fish, shipwrecks, and other marvels in the Great Lakes.

Discover what lies beneath the waters of the Great Lakes. The bottom of these lakes are littered with well-preserved shipwrecks and artifacts from life long ago. Snorkel along the water and dive under to experience the less-explored side of the Great Lakes. You will also see hundreds of fish and other life at home beneath the waves. Snorkeling is an activity for people of all ages and doesn’t require a license, unlike scuba diving. Popular spots include the shipwrecks of Lake Erie and the Fathom Five National Marine Park near Tobermory in the Georgian Bay.

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Whether you are looking for a fun family vacation by the beach or an adventurous portage through back-country, the Great Lakes offer something for everyone.

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