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Arran Lake, ON

Meaghan Paterson

My Watermark is Arran Lake, Ontario.

I grew up going to Arran Lake. It was a place were our family could get together and enjoy the lake and each other. In the winter we would go ice fishing, In the summer we would swim, and have picnics.

I once stepped on a snapping turtle in the water when I was about 10, and still have never moved so fast. My grandpa loved this lake, since he has passed we have put a memorial bench at the lake were we can go be with him and the lake he loved so much. The lake has changed since I was little, but it is only sick it can get better!!

Current Weather

3° degrees celsius.
Rain throughout the day.


Arran Lake, ON


Lake Huron

Collected by

Rochelle Archibald

Contributed by

Meaghan Paterson

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