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Ashby Lake, ON

Lindsey Malcolm

My Watermark is Ashby Lake, Ontario.

Ashby Lake is important to me because it’s been the one thing in my life that’s always been the same.

From two weeks after I was born, my parents brought me up there because that’s where our family cottage is. And I’ve been up there every summer ever since I was a baby.

When were at the lake we live completely off the grid, so we rely on the lake to wash our dishes, bathe and have water to drink. We also have fun in the lake, we love to go swimming, sea-dooing, tubing and kayaking. It’s just a great space for us to have fun and relax.

One of my favourite things to do is sea-doo and being on a sea-doo you can challenge the waves in ways that you normally couldn’t do.

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7° degrees celsius.
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.


Ashby Lake, ON


St. Lawrence River

Collected by

Claire Lawson

Contributed by

Lindsey Malcolm

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