Cataraqui River, ON

Watermark by Debi Wells
Collected by Hannah McDonald
My Watermark is the Cataraqui River, Ontario.

This waterbody is important to me because it is beautiful and a good place to swim along with my dogs.
Watermarks are true stories about you and your connection to a body of water. By archiving your story, you add to a living record of our shared water heritage, protecting these waters for generations to come. So tell us: What is your watermark?

I swim for 2 or 3 times a week from the RMC wharf to Fort Henry West Tower or CFB Kingston Marina or to Cedar Island and back. Best times are 1st thing in the morning when the lake is calm like glass and visibility is about 15 to 20 ft -- Awesome beautiful swims!

Lake Ontario, ON - Douglas Poucher