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Coldwater River, ON

Elizabeth Powell

My Watermark is Coldwater River, Ontario.

I grew up in Oro-Medonte out in rural area, in a one room schoolhouse, north of Toronto. I grew up right on the Coldwater River. That is basically where I would split to, after school or on weekends. My brother and I would go there and make forts and little bridges. That’s where I used to get lost. It was gorgeous.

There was rainbow trout there and all the fishermen used to be on the bridge down the road. It used to be a yearly event. I can say, it’s kind of part of my heritage.

People talk now about nature bathing, which you do naturally as a kid. Just the idea now of going into nature and being present in the moment, like a kid, came from my time on the Coldwater River, and sailing on Georgian Bay every summer.

Georgian Bay is huge body of water. I got a lot of my songs from going over the waves, ad libbing, and improvising with my bros.

I play in ‘Land of Talk’ and we are here at the Wolfe Island Music Festival in Kingston, Ontario. ‘Some Are Lakes’ is an album we released in 2009, an entire album about connecting so hard with a body of water. It is the idea of how we connect with either geological or geomorphological areas.


Coldwater River, ON


Lake Huron

Collected by

Dana Jackson

Contributed by

Elizabeth Powell

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