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East Pond, ON

Miguel Morales

My Watermark is East Pond, Ontario.

It was a high school field trip to Richmond Green park located in Richmond Hill Ontario. The Grade 9 science class had to observe the inhabitants of a small waterbody and interpret the ecosystem. My friends and I were not fans of ecosystems in the subject of biology. ANYTHING but learning about wildlife. We were more into the human anatomy part in the biology field.

With that said, it is quite obvious that we were not really looking forward to this field trip.After we got off the bus and walked past the large Tom Graham Ice Hockey arena, we got to the small waterbody. What my friends and I saw were a few crabs and fish. We did not really seem to appreciate what we saw.

However, when we started examining the waterbody for longer, we saw that there was much disturbance in the ecosystem. There was garbage bags, plastic waste, and other forms of pollution in the water and at a high abundancy. It was startling, and even though at first we did not really care, after talking about the pollution my friends and I thought that this was a true problem. I thought that the pollution must be causing so much problems for the aquatic life in the waterbody, and I wanted to make things right. I had decided to clean up the whole waterbody with my friends, and make the home for the inhabitants clean again. It would not be permanent as we all knew that people would be continuing to pollute the water. It was better to get rid of the waste now even though so much more can pile on later.

It is sad that people still continue to think that harming the species that do not affect us is ok. The pollution in that waterbody we visited was unacceptable and adequate measures should be taken to control the water pollution.

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East Pond, ON


Lake Ontario

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Miguel Morales

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