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Lake Ontario, ON

Marion Griese

I grew up on the shores of Lake Ontario and the Niagara River. As a young adult my studies took me to the other side of the lake when I moved to Toronto. Later I moved overseas and lived along the beaches of the Atlantic and then to the Pacific on the west coast of Canada. I have always followed the water. Now, once again, I live next to the lake that I've known my whole life. It was and remains a place that feeds my creative imagination, provides solace and continually inspires me with it's power and beauty in every season.

Some of my most favourite memories are of the hot summer afternoons I spent with my family by the lake near our home. It always seemed to me like an adventure with the possibility of discovering something interesting at the waters edge. Perhaps I would see a fish or find a new shell or stone that I could add to my collection. The best of course, was feeling the relief of the cool, clear water as I dove under once I had made it through the blanket of seaweed. I loved floating and looking over the tops of the sparkling waves. Far in the distance I could see the only visible marker on the horizon at the time - the CN Tower, but if I looked east there was only the horizon and the lake seemed to go on forever. It was magical.

I never tire of the lake. I can return to it again and again and each time see something new. It quiets my mind, it makes me remember and I continue to be in awe of it's powerful beauty. As a first generation Canadian, I feel extremely fortunate and grateful that my parents made their way to this country and chose Niagara to call their home. Growing up next to Lake Ontario was a true gift.


Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Marion Griese

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