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    Great Lakes, ON - Christine Pylat

My Watermark is the Great Lake.

My name is Christine Pylat and I’m delighted to talk about my love of water and the times I have spent on the water and in the water. I started being active in sports on the water when I was in my 20’s. In fact I was a very, very avid wind surfer. Friends of mine and I would rent cottages all over Ontario on beautiful lakes and take our windsurfs. The blusterier the winds, the better - we had 9 knot winds and choppy waves. We would put on our wet suits and just run out of the cottage and get in to the water and go wind surfing on the lake.

I always felt like I was flying, it was just amazing flying over the water.

I took an amazing canoe trip many year ago, about 20 years ago. We did Georgian Bay. The water was so clean, that as we canoed (we canoed for six days) we would take a cup and just dip it in to the water and just drink right from Georgian Bay. Not sure if you can still do that, but I sure hope so. It was just an amazing experience.

Great Lakes, ON


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Christine Pylat

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Alexandria Clement

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