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Lake Ontario, ON

Robert Cesta

Water is my life. Fisheries are my life. My watermark is from the date of birth until now. I’ve followed water all over the world, with pristine waters to fish. From Lake Ontario to the Muskoka’s you name it. I’ve followed it and done it all. There’s no place to go without water. It’s everywhere. The quality matters, the cleanliness matters, the people that care about matter.

My favourite thing to do on the water is most definitely fishing. It is my passion. But I’ve also canoe tripped, and I’ve talked to people about getting outdoors, and caring about nature. It takes friend’s of water to care about water. We’re trying to get people on the water who care about fishing, and drinking water to actually get people out there on the water, and have a better life for themselves, and the people around us.


Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

Collected by

Melanie Edmond

Contributed by

Robert Cesta

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