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Halls Lake, ON

Kathleen Cook

My Watermark is Halls Lake, Ontario.

My grandfather always told the story that his father had built the first cottage on Halls Lake. In later years, through talking to neighbours on the other side of the lake, my mother discovered that her grandfather had built the second cottage on the lake. The first cottage to be built on Halls Lake was separated from the lake by a road – my great-grandfather’s cottage was right on the shore, making it the first cottage to be built on the lake.

In 1994, my grandfather severed his lot and gave land to my mother and my aunt. Our families built cottages next to each other, with footpaths in between and to grandma and grandpa’s, the original family cottage. My siblings and I were so lucky to have our four cousins right next door for two full months each year. Mornings were spent puttering across the lake in the tin boat to swimming lessons at the public beach. Afternoons were mainly for sunning ourselves at the beach, reading our thousands of Archie comics. On really warm evenings, we never missed a dip into the lake to cool off before bed.

I spent about twelve full summers at Halls Lake, and now I visit as much as I can. Five generations of my family have enjoyed its beautiful and clear waters, and made such happy memories on its shores. I hope this tradition will continue for many years to come.


Halls Lake, ON

Collected by

Andrew Wilson

Contributed by

Kathleen Cook

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