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Hunts Lake, ON


My Watermark is Hunts Lake, Ontario.

Hear the noise of the water washing up on shore and the birds singing and the
frogs croaking. The smell of the stench of the water. I wasn’t eating or tasting anything at that time. The feeling of mucus covered frog slipping out of my hand and the feeling of fishing line going through my hand.

My memory is of watching my brother use a canoe by himself and my sister swim back to the dock and pulling up my fishing rod to find a largemouth bass on the end of my line and the first time using an axe. Probably the most fun I’ve had in a very long time was skipping thin Frisbee’s off the water and then going diving for them. It was so beautiful down there with the sun shining through
the water.

Current Weather

8° degrees celsius.
Possible drizzle in the afternoon.

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