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Kahshe Lake, ON

Thomas Kierstead

My Watermark is Kahshe Lake, Ontario.

Kahshe Lake is where I learned to swim as a child nearly 24 years ago, and it is where I continue to spend the majority of my weekends in the warmer months; swimming, fishing, and boating. The tea-coloured water is full of nutrients and holds a variety of fish and aquatic species. Going up in the Winter is very calming because you rarely see anyone else.

Kahshe Lake is a great place to enjoy nature and get away from the city. We have a wooden post in our cabin (where we stayed until we built the big cottage next door). Every family member who has visited our cottage has their height measured on this post. My dad, sister, and I go back to 1997 when the cabin was built (although my grandpas had the neighbouring cottage to the West long before). Approximately 600 cottages reside on the lake along with two marinas. I hope to hold onto the cottage for future generations.

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3° degrees celsius.
Clear throughout the day.


Kahshe Lake, ON


Lake Huron

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Thomas Kierstead

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Thomas Kierstead

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