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Kempenfelt Bay, ON

Denise Curran

My name is Denise Curran and I am from Toronto, Canada.

My water body is Kempenfelt Bay in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Coming from Canada, my very favourite water story is a frozen water story. The bay is a relatively small body of water, but I grew up on that body of water. One year, one winter, it froze solid over the course of two days. So it was clear ice all the way across the bay and you could skate on it for miles and miles and not only could you skate on it, you could see down under the ice and into the body of water. It was fairly black but you could see seaweed flowing, you could see fish swimming all the way across the lake. By far, it was the most memorable day of my life on a frozen body of water.

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Kempenfelt Bay, ON


Lake Huron

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Gabrielle Parent-Doliner

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Denise Curran

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