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    Key Harbour, ON - Carl Spiess

My Watermark is Key Harbour of Georgian Bay, Ontario.

I started windsurfing in Key Harbour on Georgian Bay when I was 15 years old. I have now windsurfed on all 5 Great Lakes. On Wednesday nights I windsurf on Lake Ontario at Cherry Beach. I have also travelled to many famous windsurfing sites around the world. When I tell people that at my home spot I can windsurf and when I fall in, I can drink the water they are amazed.

Another thing I love about Key Harbour is that the pine trees on the north east shore of Georgian Bay all lean one way due to the wind - like in a Group of Seven painting. I think the motto should be: Swimmable, Drinkable, Fishable, Surfable! water.

Key Harbour, ON

Killarney, ON


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Carl Spiess

Collected By
Claire Lawson

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