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    Kingston Waterfront, ON - Dorene Inglis

My Watermark is the Kingston Waterfront of Lake Ontario.

My most powerful memory of the Kingston Waterfront was the time I participated in the Shoreline Shuffle Exhibition in 2013. I had lived n Kingston for 15 years and had not realized how accessible the waterfront was. By that I mean how long it extended from the Cataraqui to Lake Ontario Park. I was amazed! I had to find he best places for me to showcase my work. I research possibilities. I found there were still parts that did not link up. This was because properties were owned provincially, federally, and municipally.

We should have overcome time and have links sot that one could walk to the length o waterfront without water barriers, interruption. As is the case in Britain - they have a nigh of passage for all.

The Kingston Waterfront is important to me because for one, I live quite close the peak (pog). It's a natural draw for to the water. Kingston wasted for it's defence and commerce - it is a part of our history..building high rise dwellings does not pay tribute to our history.

Lake Ontario, ON


Contributed By
Dorene Inglis

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Dana Jackson

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