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Koshlong Lake, ON

Roberto Quinlan

My Watermark is Koshlong Lake, Ontario.

Hi, my name is Roberto Quinlan I am a Canadian, I'm a faculty member in the department of biology at York University which is in Toronto, Ontario. My water body I want to talk about is Koshlong Lake, it is located near Haliburton, Ontario I believe it is eventually flows into Georgian Bay. It's in what is called the cottage country of Ontario.

When I was a teenager I spent several summers working as camp counselor. When you spend your entire summer as a teenage working on a lake you come to love that lake and I have many happy memories as a camp counselor. When I was a camp counselor I thought to myself wow wouldn't it be great to make a living or have a career where you get to spend your time on lakes like these and through a series of interesting coincidences eventually when I was in my fourth year of my undergraduate degree, the professor who I was going to do my undergraduate thesis with said to me why don’t you do your undergraduate thesis on this particular cottage country lakes in Ontario right by where I spent my summers working as a camp counselor. So I thought to myself fantastic and I never really stopped working on these lakes. Even though I have worked in other parts of the world, my first love is cottage country lakes in Ontario. I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world to be able to make a career out of studying these lakes in Ontario.


Koshlong Lake, ON


Lake Ontario

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Sally Cole-Misch

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Roberto Quinlan

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