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    Lake Erie, ON - Carolyn Foley

I’m Carolyn Foley, I am from Amherstburg Ontario Canada, originally

Now I am a research associate at Purdue University working on fish ecology. My waterbody is the western basin of Lake Erie, specifically near Point Pelee. I would always get really really cold and everyone else would be swimming and I would be really cold and I would sit there on the beach and stare out and I would say like “what is out there?” And basically I knew that the States was out there but other than that I would just sit there and stare across the lake because it was a cool place to be.

When I was in university the first time I rode out on a research vessel I went out into the western basin of Lake Erie I was super excited and they looked at me like I was crazy but it was really really cool.

With that curiosity, she became a freshwater scientist whose research helps find answers to Lake Erie's toughest questions.

Lake Erie, ON

Point Pelee National Park, ON


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Carolyn Foley

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