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Lake Erie, USA

David Monolopolis

My Watermark is Lake Erie on the New York side.

It’s important to me because as a little boy I fished there with my grandfather, to this day I fish it with my father who is 88, we go out quite often. We actually went out yesterday and caught and ate the fish straight from the lake.

Fishing is a great activity, but we saw a lot of change in the fish species and the lake in general. I hope people will do the right thing and keep the lake clean and healthy for everyone, not just for fishing but for all recreational activities.

Another thing I would like to see is more access to the water. There's not a lot of boat launch stations on the lake. One last thing I want people to know about water is: We need it, We live it, We drink it, lets clean IT.

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Lake Erie, USA


Lake Erie

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Claire Lawson

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David Monolopolis

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