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    Lake Haliburton, ON - Rhea Joseph

My Watermark is Haliburton Lake in central northern Ontario.

A couple of summers ago I had a friend who was moving to London the following September. And we took the canoe out and we paddled across the lake and then set up lunch, had lunch and then came back home. It was sort of like a nice lasting memory I have because I hadn't seen her in over a year. It was a nice kind of like bonding time for the last time.

I would say I go kayaking three two to four times a year. I just came back from Gananoque and did a kayaking day up there as well. It's part of Lake Ontario, near the Thousand Islands.

It's interesting, everything this year was flooded and a bit higher up there. There were also lots of Canadian geese up there. I mean I probably wouldn't go swimming up there because it was still a little grainy looking. It's not the greatest but it was a nice day on the lake.

Lake Haliburton, ON


Contributed By
Rhea Joseph

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Melanie Edmond

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