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Lake Huron, ON

Kim Harkins

My friends and I learned to swim in the 60's in the various city pools of Sarnia which gave us a good foundation for the beautiful, blue waters of Lake Huron. By the early 70's , all the neighbourhood kids would congregate at the beach at the end of Westwood Ave. and spend hours swimming, tanning, body surfing or floating on air mattresses. Such halcyon days! And although I moved to the "big city", every summer I would visit Lake Huron, this time in Bayfield and took up long distance swimming for triathlon races. Now in my 60's I happily rent a a cottage to get my Lake Huron fix. Writing this brief essay has made me realize that the lake has shaped my life more than I realized. A wonderful trip down memory lane. :)


Lake Huron, ON


Lake Huron
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