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Lake Huron, ON

Luke Shauf

My Watermark is the North Channel of Lake Huron, Ontario.

My name is Luke, and I play bass in the band the Kents. I have a few generations of my mom’s side of the family who lived in a small town called, ‘Bruce Mines.’

I lived in small town just beside it called, ‘Thessalon’, for the first five years of my life. The first home I lived in was kind of a shack, maybe 700 square feet. But we had an acre, a forest and a hundred feet of sand beach on Lake Huron. So almost everyday of the summer we were out catching blood suckers, picking blueberries, or swimming in the lake. I have such great memories there.

We moved down to Lindsay, where we have a boat. Almost every week we are on the water, and we are either fishing, swimming or going to Bobcaygeon--Sturgeon lake is our go to. We pull out some walleye and largemouth bass, which are the mains and the odd sunfish. We’re not huge fisherman but we like to toss the odd worm in there every so often.

My family has a lot of generational connections to water, and whenever we can we like to relax on the lake and go for a swim or a fish.

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Lake Huron, ON


Lake Huron

Collected by

Dana Jackson

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Luke Shauf

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