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    Lake Huron, ON - Matt Weiler

My Watermark is Lake Huron, Ontario.

Lake Huron has almost turned into my second home. When the wind is up, and blowing north-west, I know my landmarks and I know my drive getting there. When I get to a certain spot I see the windmills. There are a lot of landmarks that I am familiar with now.

Even before I get there, it’s special, traditional, and sentimental. Then when I get there, I could see the piers going, I see a lot of faces I won’t see anywhere else, the whole crew will be there, or no one at all. It’s a place I look forward to. As a kid, I looked forward to going to the cottage, and now it’s Kingcardine. I mostly go there for surfing.

This waterbody is close to my heart because I share it with some of the best people in the world. Friends, family, girlfriends, and more; all get to share and enjoy this spot with me.

Lake Huron, ON

Station Park Beach, ON


Contributed By
Matt Weiler

Collected By
Matt Flowers

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