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    Lake Huron, ON - Penelope S

My Watermark is Sun Beach in Grand Bend, Ontario.

My favourite body of water is Sun Beach in Grand Bend, Ontario, part of Lake Huron. Sun Beach is my favourite body of water and has been for most of my life. My first time being there was when my grandparents who live really close to Sun Beach, took me there when I was probably only 1 year old. I kept asking to go from then on and called it “my beach” because I loved it so much. Sun Beach is beautiful.

On the perfect day, the water is clear and you can see your toes! Every night there is a sunset that could bring someone to tears by its beauty. The colours of the sunset are a soft pink, a deep blue, and coral orange. My grandparents and I still go to Sun Beach and I’m 12 now.

Sun Beach is important to me because we have been going there for what seems like forever. It is also important to me because hearing the waves crash and the seagulls and just being with the best grandparents in the entire world, is the best feeling. When I’m there, we go in the water which can be cold sometimes and we play pass with a ball.

When we are on the sand, we sit in our beach chairs and eat snacks that we brought so that we can stay longer. While the sun sets and the gorgeous colours come out, I stare at the sunset and think about how amazing my Nana and Papa are and how i am so lucky to have them.

Lake Huron, ON

Grand Bend - South Beach, ON


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Penelope S

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Brett Hartley

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