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Lake Muskoka, ON

Harry Mansfield

My Watermark is Lake Muskoka, Ontario.

One day at my cottage, I was bored and decided to go canoeing. It was near 7pm when I left. I paddled for an hour straight before I came to a stop. I was in a large closed off area of the lake, surrounded by forest. There were lily pads, dragon flies, and tall grasses. Everything was tinted with an orange hue from the setting sun.

In that moment I looked over the side of the canoe and saw my reflection in the still water. I looked up to the trees and grass surrounding me and was in a completely relaxed state of mind. This moment is special to me because it is something that I can think of to de-stress myself when I have important assignments, tests, and exams.

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10° degrees celsius.
Partly cloudy throughout the day.


Lake Muskoka, ON


Lake Huron

Collected by

Claire Lawson

Contributed by

Harry Mansfield

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