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    Lake Muskoka, ON - Jack Smith

My Watermarks are Lake Muskoka and Lake Kawagama.

I’ve pretty much lived on the water my whole life. I actually grew up on Lake Muskoka seeing as I bond Bracebridge which is really close to the water and the brewery. Living on the water was great, in the winter you would skate on the water and in the summer you live in the water.

It’s the best place to bond with the family and have some great times and memories. From going on a boat to listening to music, swimming the deep water and just hanging out on the beaches with friends, there is nothing better.

Lake Muskoka has always been a part of my life and holds a lot of meaning, but now that my family's cottage is on Lake Kawagama, so it's a new home away from home. It’s just amazing to think about that I’ve lived so close to water my whole life and it's really made a difference in defining who I am today.

Lake Muskoka, ON


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Jack Smith

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Claire Lawson

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