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Lake Ontario, ON

Aaron Haire & Kristine Williams

Our Watermark is Lake Ontario.

We are right now in Spencer Park in Burlington. This area is important to us because we have a bench on the pier for our two children that we lost a year and a half a go. This is where Aaron and Kristine met and fell in love. As soon as you get on the pier that would be their bench, so the kids would come here instead of going to a gravesite – something a little bit more positive.

They were down here all the time, even in the winter. It mean everything to them and you always knew, when you wondered where they were, they were here probably somewhere down by the lake. We like to come here and it's just perfect because we know that they would enjoy this, they would love their names being on that bench by the lake for sure. It's a beautiful place to be, it's very calming.

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-2° degrees celsius.
Partly cloudy throughout the day.


Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Brett on the Water

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Aaron Haire & Kristine Williams

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