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Lake Ontario, ON

Carolyn Park

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

There's nothing better than going out on the lake. It's a great feeling to be able to go out and feel the wind and the waves.

The story I want to tell you today is on a boat. It looks marvellous and all of a sudden a front comes in and the lake suddenly turns from blue to grey, very dark grey. There were waves coming in, there was a wind line, and that's when I noticed you really have to have respect for the water. Not only are we water, but a beautiful day can suddenly turn.

It was scary, we had to ride out the storm because if you go to harbour you're just going to crash the boat since you don't have any control anyways. But we weathered the storm and luckily got the mainsheet down in time, two of my girlfriends and I. I'll never forget the day the waves changed from blue to grey on Lake Ontario.

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Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Brett on the Water

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Carolyn Park

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