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Lake Ontario, ON

Ms. Diana Lee

This past week, there's been so much coverage in the news about E. coli being at absurdly high levels, in addition to the water levels being record-breaking high levels but Saturday (May 13th, 2017) was too gorgeous of a day to be spent indoors! A friend and I went to a sailing club open house and then went out for a stand-up paddleboarding session!

From the people who took us sailing to the kayakers and canoeist with the puppy onboard (shown in the photo), we all warned each other not to fall in or noted the water quality in some way, then excitedly congratulated each other for being out on the water and how beautiful it was! I was so happy to see others out, who were also aware of the water conditions and careful, but more importantly, something needs to be done about not letting our beautiful lakes subject to E. coli or any other pollutants to this degree! Thanks!


Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Claire Lawson

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Ms. Diana Lee

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