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Toronto Harbour, ON

Gerald Parker

My Watermark is the Toronto Harbour of Lake Ontario.

Back in 1985, when I was 17 years old, I was the Youth Delegate to the Harbourfront Commission. I lived down at Bathurst Quay and I helped design Little Norway Park for its accessibility. I later went on to become a Disability and Accessibility expert. Little Norway was my first project.

So I come here tonight, so many years later.

And when I see that nastiness in the lake, in a place where I used to sink my feet in, it makes me sad. But it makes me happier knowing there are people who care about this city, about its future, about its water, about its health, about its safety, and about its public interest.

Water rights permeate us all – in our skin, in our bodies, and in our soul.

It should also be happening in our cities, and in our streams, in our lakes, and everything that we drink and consume.

This is about our "Swim, Drink, and Fish Community." This is about us. This is not about them (Nestle). This is about all of us.

Great Lakes Waterfront Trail

This watermark is on the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.
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Toronto Harbour, ON


Lake Ontario

Collected by

Ruby Pajares

Contributed by

Gerald Parker

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