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Lake Ontario, ON

Margaret Hughes

My Watermark is the Kingston Waterfront of Lake Ontario.

My most powerful memories of the Kingston Waterfront were the times we brought our three young children to Richardson Beach where there was some sand, and a swimming area that had a smooth concrete floor and a lifeguard.

There we made friends with other young families and later our children had swimming lessons. No one in our family ever got sick from swimming i the lake through it was probably more contaminated than it is today. All this was close to 50 years ago. Sometimes we would bring a picnic supper and stay until the late red glow of a summer evening's bliss.

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Humid and partly cloudy throughout the day.

Great Lakes Waterfront Trail

This watermark is on the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.
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Lake Ontario, ON

Collected by

Dana Jackson

Contributed by

Margaret Hughes

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