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    Lake Ontario, ON - Mary Boate

My Watermark is Lake Ontario along the Great Lakes <a target="_blank" class="glg-blog-link" href="">Waterfront Trail</a> in Kingston, Ontario.

The first time I went on a long bike ride was in 1993. We started in Oshawa and we road all the way to Kingtson. This was a trial ride for me because I was going to be going with my Husband to the Netherlands the following September. So we made this trip in July and it was quite an experience because my husband pushed me a bit to go a little further each day.

Our first stop was Cobourg from Oshawa, the next stop was in Picton and we finally made it to Kingston and that was a proud moment for me because I had never cycled that far before.

Lake Ontario, ON

Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, Kingston, ON


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Mary Boate

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Jessica Gordon

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