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Lake Ontario, ON

Michael Guilfoyle

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

I feel very privileged to live so close to such to a big and beautiful body of water. Water is why we're here on earth and why we get to sustain life. Living here in Burlington, Ontario we have the opportunity to have Lake Ontario right here in our own backyard. not many cities can say that. I grew up with my parents being boaters, we know the power of the water, we know how fast the water can change, and we know we have to respect the water and treat it like the entity that it is.

We are so privileged that people are now becoming more conscious of our surroundings and treating the water with respect, (such as) cleaning up the water source, (and) the factories all around are being more conscience now. As you cans see all around us, people are here to enjoy this for a reason. Beautiful, beautiful landmark. They're called the Great Lakes for a reason, and I love Lake Ontario.

Current Weather

-2° degrees celsius.
Heavy snow (26–39 cm.) in the morning.


Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Brett on the Water

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Michael Guilfoyle

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