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Lake Ontario, ON

Sanford Haskill

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

My name is Sanford Haskill and I live in the municipality of Port Hope on the north shore of the greatest lake around, Lake Ontario.

It gives quite a bit of pleasure to boaters and I believe someone told me today, 9 million people drink the water out of there. IT’s a great sight to look out and see the peaceful water and it’s always been kind to me and my family as farmers for 220 years here and we’re going to protect it the best we can.

How clear it’s been over the years and it hasn’t been really [badly] polluted. Seeing a lot of pleasure boats when I was a young lad out on the lake and ferry that used to come across from Rochester to Cobourg, that’s the highlights. Of course my family, they had a schooner back in the 1800s and I know they must have enjoyed it sailing up and down here. Quite possibly, being whisky makers there may have been a few bottles on those boats going to new locations.

I think the views there, I only look at it, I didn’t create it and I hope not to destroy it.

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Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

Collected by

Krystyn Tully

Contributed by

Sanford Haskill

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