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Lake Ontario, ON

Stephen Clement

My Watermark is Lake Ontario,

Hi, I’m Stephen Clement, I’m an avid triathlete, The trickiest part of triathlon is the swim, typically for most people. A lot of people are scared of the water. We are fortunate in Ontario and in Canada to have a lot of freshwater, it makes the swimming part very safe. The only thing you really have to worry about is doing the swim and not worry about the quality of the water or anything that might be in the water. Not just the lakes, reservoirs as well. So we tend to swim in all sorts of bodies of water, small ones and then very big ones like Lake Ontario.

Some of the freshwater swims are exactly like ocean swimming where the waves are big just like the ocean so it ends up being a lot of fun. The fun thing about triathlon, because the swimming is so hard is that people get in way over their head literally and figuratively as far as the swim. I did know someone who did his first triathlon. The swim is typically in a triangle, we tend to go from one buoy to another and back around. He got so panicked in the water that he swam back to shore without realizing it and he thought the race was over really fast.


Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Stephen Clement

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