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Spar Lake, ON

Ms. Jen Hickson

My Watermark is Spar Lake, Ontario.

We have had two cottage on this lake since I was a child (one since my Mom was a child). It has become the centre stone for our family all summer long. With water so clear you can see 15 feet down on a sunny day, it has always been my favourite place. It's small, so you can paddle boat around the entire lake in only half an hour. Whether we were fishing, swimming, going on adventures or just paddle boating around, it always seemed right.

This summer Spar Lake took on a whole new and very special meaning. My boyfriend knew it was my favourite place to be and decided to take me fishing at 5:30am. I was tempted to stay in bed but he coaxed me out and with the cool air, and warm water, the view was unbelievable. It has created a beautiful fog over the lake.

The loon was singing, birds were chirping, and there was nobody out there but us. That's when he went down on one knee in the paddle boat and asked me to marry him. I could not ask for a more special memory. It took a place that meant so much to me, and made it worth even more.


Spar Lake, ON


Lake Ontario

Collected by

Claire Lawson

Contributed by

Ms. Jen Hickson

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