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    Lake Superior, ON - Candace Neveau

My Watermark is Lake Superior, Ontario.

My name is Eastern Thunder, but my English name is Candace Neveau, and this is my son Maquinna Fox – he’s 4 months old.

My late grandfather owned a commercial fishing business and he knew a lot about the Whitefish and the spawning, and that was a big part of who we were. I grew up with all that and watching him go out on the lake everyday, up until he was 82 years old!

My grandfather just recently passed away (Mike Neveau). And my father, Jamie Neveau, will be taking over the family business. That’s apart of our legacy. So my son, he will one day take over as well – it’s apart of who we are.

Lake Superior, ON


Contributed By
Candace Neveau

Collected By
Matthew Chisholm

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