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Lake Superior, ON

Carrie Ginou

My Watermark is Lake Superior, Ontario.

I grew up around the Great Lakes in Toronto around Lake Ontario, and I’ve worked at four Provincial Parks on the Great Lakes, so I have lots of fantastic memories.

My favourite Great Lake has to be Lake Superior; I live near Lake Superior now and it’s just so amazing.

I think my “ah ha” moment would be more recently when I came to work up in Sault Ste. Marie. Just driving north of The Sue for the first time and seeing that first few lakes appear, it’s so majestic, beautiful, and inspiring. Even though I spend a lot of time on Lake Superior now, still that first view driving north is inspiring to me.

I care about the Great Lakes because I’ve been exposed to them, and it’s just so amazing to see after I’ve travelled, that much freshwater in one place. 20% of the world’s freshwater all in one place! It’s just so amazing to see how many people live around the Great Lakes, enjoy the Great Lakes, and what kind of ecosystems there are. It’s amazing to see that much freshwater.

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Lake Superior, ON


Lake Superior

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Carrie Ginou

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