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Lake Superior, ON

The Kents

I suppose this has been our first real year as a band, and in that process we’ve been trying to write a lot, write together, and so we tried different methods of going to different places to get inspiration. We have a couple of different stories from being on the road where we found inspiration just from being around water. To work on our next project, we went to a Lac Hudon on Quebec. We stayed in a cottage there for roughly a week and everyday we were on the water. I would canoe by myself once a day and we would just write in the afternoon, it was really special.

We talk specifically about another time we had as well when we took a trip to Sault Ste. Marie and we had a day off and so we took a hike on this mountain and it was a really great day off because we didn’t really expect to have a day off. We ended the day by swimming in Harmony Bay, so we had this really amazing unexpected time in the sunset while we were all just in the water. So we’ve written a song and the chorus is feel what you’ve been feeling from the start. It basically talks on when you are doing something you love, sometimes you can lose perspective of it, and sometimes you need to have those moments when you realize why you are doing it and who you are with and how important it is. We talk about the waters in Harmony, it is metaphorical you know as it is talking about being in place of harmony when you are working together with people you care about, but it’s also talking specifically about the waters in Harmony Bay. All along, we’ve done Windsor and everything, that’s right across from Detroit. We go and look across the water at the city, we’ve done it twice, we are going back to Sault Ste. Marie as well. Very exciting. Go swimming at Harmony Bay. Excited for swimming, drinking, and fishing.

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Lake Superior, ON


Lake Superior

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