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Muskoka River, ON

Rory O'Callaghan

My Watermark is the Muskoka River, Ontario.

Muskoka River is important to me because I grew up on the river in Bracebridge. I’ve lived there my whole life, so I’ve gotten to know the water very well and how important it is to the region.

Also knowing the different types of wildlife and how they all depend on each other really makes me appreciate the care that people take to preserve these bodies of water.

Especially with Muskoka growing and becoming more and more touristy each year, brings more tourists which in turn brings pollution. So protecting these waters is critical.

People should be mindful of the footprint they leave on the water and leaving the water the way they found it or trying to make it better.

One particular memory that connects me to Muskoka River is the fact that I canoe instead of boating like most people do. I feel like you experience the water in a totally different way compared to power sporting through which takes away from the natural beauty of your surroundings.

I would tell everyone to experience the water and wildlife in a canoe, it's really incredible. Beavers would come up to my canoe and hit their tails on the side, you just can’t get that kind of stuff in a boat.

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Snow (4–9 cm.) in the morning and afternoon.


Muskoka River, ON


Lake Huron

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Claire Lawson

Contributed by

Rory O'Callaghan

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