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Niagara Falls, ON

Bismin Dhillon

My Watermark is Niagara Falls, Ontario.

It all started in grade 4, when I was about 9 or maybe 10. Anyways, in that year in the end of December (around the holidays) we went to Toronto in Ontario. I went there to meet my cousins and because one of my close cousin was born at that time. Since we were there, we decided to see some of the great places in Toronto, like Niagara Falls. Other places, I don't really remember.

In Niagara Falls we also went in that ship, in the end there was so much water on top of my mom and I, because we were standing on the fringe of the ship. But luckily we had our rain coats on, because otherwise people would think we were creatures from the river. When we got out we wished we brought an extra pair of clothes, according to how wet we got. After regretting it, we knew we had to have more fun, so in order to have more fun we firstly dried ourselves. Actually, if I think about it again, we never dried ourselves, we just waited for hours in the sun to get dried and have more fun. Later we went to the nearby shops and bought a lot of souvenirs and other house decor stuff since my mom is really addicted to it, but we bought less because my parents were scared to get overweight while flying back to BC. I really don't know what else we did and I don't wish to give you the wrong information so that's all I can tell you about what I did in my journey to Toronto.

This memory is very important to me because with this one journey I found my hobby, which is … travelling!

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Niagara Falls, ON


Lake Ontario

Collected by

Megan Reich

Contributed by

Bismin Dhillon

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