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    Pigeon River, ON - Jamie Evans

My name is Jamie Evans. I’m living in Cambridge now but I'm originally from Omeme Ontario.

Pigeon River is my favourite body of water because that's where I was born and raised and that's what I lived on for the first 21 years of my life.

Why I loved that water so much was because it had so much wildlife associated with it, it had fishing and it had lots of waterfowl, beavers, muskrats, everything in it. I could see that every day. Now that I’m in the city I really miss it.

I did go back a couple of years ago but you can never go back and its never the same as I remember it. We used to go swimming there every day and it was the light of my life.

Pigeon River, Kawartha Lakes, ON

Omemee Municipal Park, Omemee, ON


Contributed By
Jamie Evans

Collected By
Miriam Ahmed

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