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St. Lawrence River, ON

Bryce MacNeil

My name's Bryce MacNeil and my watermark is the Saint Lawrence River. I actually took sailing lessons on that body of water whenever I was in high school. As a kid I was always terrified of swimming with fish. I guess it's because of the Italian mob scenario of swimming with the fishes. My entire life I've been afraid of touching my toes to fish heads and stuff like that. I took sailing lessons on this river and of course the first day they immediately tell you to tip your boat over and I guess I was more worried about getting our boat upright than actually worrying about the fish nibbling at my feet so in a way I kind of got over my fear of swimming with the fishes. It's still there a little bit but I will never forget that.

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St. Lawrence River, ON

Collected by

Sadie Caron

Contributed by

Bryce MacNeil

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