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    Star Lake, ON - Trevor B

My watermark is Star Lake.

When I was young at Star Lake, I would spend time with my family at my uncle’s cottage. I would go fishing, kayaking and canoeing in the water. I would spend hours casting my line only to catch sunfish and bass. The days were always fun but that’s all I ever needed.

When I was young at Star Lake, I would spend hours swimming. After swimming, diving and playing on the beach, I would usually go for a boat ride with family to see a beautiful sunset. Often on boat rides rides we would bathe in bug spray to avoid the pesky mosquitos.

When I was young at Star Lake, I would get up early to to see the calm lake and fish when no one else was out. In the afternoon everyone would get on a boat and have some people trailing behind on a tube, mostly my brothers and cousins. I never went tubing because I was always scared because the tubes always went so fast and when they fell it looked like it hurt. The days were always hot, fun and exciting.

As I grew up at Star Lake, every year I would look forward to swimming in the freshwater, feeling the hot sand on my toes, and holding the slimy fish in my hands. I would always try to catch minnows in my hands, though I never caught any because they were too small and too fast. I would always kayak to turtle island. When I was there I would always look for clams but they would always be just empty shells. Leaving was always tough, but I always knew that I would return.

Star Lake, ON


Contributed By
Trevor B

Collected By
Katarina Milinkovic

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