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Sturgeon River, Simcoe County, ON

Josh Dyer

My Watermark is Sturgeon River in Simcoe County, Ontario.

It’s important to me for a number of reasons, the highlight being a festival that's held every summer at the river and with that came a lot of good memories.

Most recently during the festival we had a bunch of winnebagos that park alongside the beach, and they’re actually converted into saunas. I decided to go in classic finish tradition which is no clothes.

Afterwards we decided to go for a skinny dip and I came up to face this fantastic moon. Which actually turned out to be a supermoon that weekend. I just sat there and was completely mesmerized in everything I could see,that moment and experience in the water.

You could see everything around the river because the moon was so bright and mesmerizing. It made me forget about everything else in the moment.

Current Weather

-3° degrees celsius.
Light rain starting in the afternoon.


Sturgeon River, Simcoe County, ON


Lake Huron

Collected by

Claire Lawson

Contributed by

Josh Dyer

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